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Healthy and in bulk sale, for a better planet!

Since the beginning of this project, the great challenge of Mercado do Campo is to create a greater awareness that the quality of life depends not only, but mostly, on the food we eat. That’s why we not only provide the best products we can pick from the ground, but also a range of services that help people in food education, from nutritional information on various foods, weekly recipe suggestions, healthy cooking workshops and even specific nutrition consultations.

Legumes and Dried Fruits

Grains, beans, quinoa, lentils, couscous, rice, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts …

Cereals & Superfoods

Oats, Granolas, Flours, Spirolina, Maca, Chia, Acai …

Natural Teas

Green tea, chamomile infusion, bulbs, mint …

Raising awareness of the sustainability of the planet is also a priority. The preservation of the planet depends on us all! Changing attitudes and behaviours is imperative and being more and more reactive…

About Us

At Mercado do Campo each person can make a conscious consumption and bring only what they need for this week, to “that” recipe, without generating waste.

We are what we eat

we eat what we are

We don’t use plastic here. All clients can bring their containers from home or get our paper or glass containers. In the Mercado do Campo you can find a set of recycled glass containers that you use and return. At Mercado do Campo we essentially promote a better life and personal, social and environmental development.


We help our customers by providing products and knowledge in the field of healthy eating. Here you will find meal suggestions of the week, where we provide the recipe. We also provide food / nutrition counseling consultations and food workshops.

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Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Mercado do Campo celebrates protocols and partnerships with entities in the region that share our interest in providing healthy lifestyles.

Recipes & Suggestions

Weekly meals suggestions from Mercado do Campo, where the recipe and ingredients are available.

Energy Snack

Energy Snack

Com um sabor doce natural estas bolinhas são um snack cheio de energia que alegram o dia de qualquer um! Muito versáteis, pode usar diferentes toppings para criar um efeito colorido e um sabor diferente.

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Quem não gostaria de acordar com os deliciosos sabores de fruta fresca e iogurte? Esta deliciosa receita, dá gosto de sobremesa ao pequeno almoço, enquanto preenche as necessidades de fibra e proteína. O melhor de tudo: é provavelmente um dos pequenos almoços mais fáceis de se preparar.

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